Locksmith Solutions

In New York City, a professional locksmith and high quality lock system is critical to tenant and building security.

NYC lock systems have to be able to meet many needs to ensure complete security for your building, office, or home.

Target Security can install a custom designed lock and entry system to meet your needs and budget.

From one-step emergency exit devices to high-end tamper resistant locks and keys, our products are designed to defend against attempts at forced entry and prevent unauthorized key duplication. Locking technologies and systems are part of a constantly evolving industry and are a vital component of a complete New York City security system.

Our NYC residential locking technology solutions are aimed at providing the ultimate protection for your home, family, and possessions.

Our locksmith solutions provide tamper resistant protection, unprecedented key duplication control, and a warranty on mechanical operation and finish.

Did you know that most commercial break-ins are done with a key?

Because of this, our NYC commercial locking solutions are designed to provide utmost key duplication control.

With our commercial lock systems, all business locks are custom keyed as part of a unique Master Key System (aka Matrix Key System) allowing a Master User to open every door in a facility, while other users can only open designated doors. Get rid of that huge keychain— Master Key Systems replace overloaded key rings with a single key!

Target Security has a lock system solution to meet all of your NYC commercial and residential needs.

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