iDor Mobile™ App for Siedle Video Intercom Systems

Upgrade your Siedle video intercom system with the iDor Mobile App.

iDor Mobile™ is Siedle’s mobile solution for video intercom

iDor Mobile creates the perfect remote access for your door communication system. Enjoy the convenience of remotely identifying and communicating with people at your door from anywhere in your NYC home or business.

iDor Mobile is integrated with your existing NYC Siedle Video Intercom System so setup is fast and hassle-free.

Why iDor Mobile™

With iDor Mobile video intercom system app, you can:

How It Works

As soon as the doorbell rings, iDor Mobile will immediately notify you with a video image on your mobile device. iDor Mobile also allows you to open the door and adjust the intercom volume. If you have multiple cameras installed, you can easily switch between different views or view up to 4 cameras at one time.

The remote control is as secure as the WLAN connection and is now available through standard networks such as Edge, 3G, 4G or WiFi.

What You Need

The iDor system is easy to install and set up.  It was created to be very user friendly and will be the most useful innovation since the doorbell!

To use iDor Mobile™, you will need:

For more information check out our blog or contact us at 212-252-8787 or if you have any questions about using the iDor Mobile app with your Siedle Video Intercom System to secure your NYC business, building, or construction site. We’re here to help.