Siedle Video Intercom Systems

Video intercom systems are great additions for enhanced security to any NYC home or business. As a leading New York City alarm and security company, Target Security Systems is proud to announce that we are a NYC Authorized Siedle Dealer.

Siedle is the premier intercom system in the market and is the number 1 choice of every NYC architect and real estate developer.

Siedle Video Intercom Systems

High-Quality Video Intercoms

Siedle provides high quality NYC video intercom systems that offer security and reliability to your home or business. These high end intercom systems have superior video and audio quality that allow an enhanced experience.

Before Siedle products launch in the market, they are exposed to a series of rigorous tests to provide safety, reliability and durability.

Secure Your NYC Home or Business

Video intercoms from Siedle create a visual connection to your entry and allow the security of seeing your guest rather than just hearing.

With multiple CCTV camera integration and iPhone/ iPad compatibility, these premium products heighten awareness. Siedle’s video intercom system will provide a more secure environment for your clients and employees.

Controlled Access

With a luxury video intercom system, you know exactly who is at your entry. You don’t have to worry about unauthorized people in your building and on your floor.

For buildings with elevator entrances, Siedle features an elevator release that unlocks the floor from the intercom. An  owner of a Siedle video intercom system can monitor their guests with ease.

Benefits of a Siedle Video Intercom System

An owner of a high-quality Siedle video intercom system can:

We offer Siedle video intercom systems to provide support and secure your New York City home or business with prime products.

All Target Security technicians are Siedle Certified – meaning, they have taken and passed training on how to properly install, operate, and repair all Siedle video intercom systems.

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