NYC UL Certified Video Monitoring

New York City UL Certified Video Monitoring for CCTV Systems

Our New York City UL certified monitoring station is staffed by a team of highly trained professionals and is the perfect solution when you are required to have video monitoring for insurance purposes.

Professional UL certified station operators will monitor your NYC building or construction site when your team is not on-site.

We will also provide you with an official certificate for your insurance company!

Virtual Guard Tours

Highly-trained UL Certified Video Monitoring station operators will conduct virtual-guard tours of your New York City construction site or building and review video footage as necessary. In addition, when an alarm is tripped, the system will immediately notify our operators to view live video and notify the authorities if necessary.

CCTV is Perfect for High Value Item Protection

In cases where extremely sensitive items are present, we can program your CCTV surveillance system to alert our operators immediately if any unusual movement or changes within a room have been detected through advanced video analytics (for example, when a painting has been removed from a wall).

Two-Way Communication with Monitored Site

Our New York City CCTV systems also allow monitoring station operators to have two-way communication with the site, enabling them to communicate with and deter an individual seen on the cameras.

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