Honeywell Total Connect™

Total Connect Remote Services

Total Connect™ from Honeywell provides the latest remote control technology and security for your NYC home or business. Honeywell Total Connect is the perfect solution if you’re looking for complete peace of mind from the ability to control your alarm system and monitor your New York City home or business from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Control of Your NYC Honeywell Alarm System

Total Connect Remote Services App

The Total Connect Remote Services app allows you to control your NYC Honeywell alarm system, receive text message and e-mail alerts, and view live video feeds & pictures on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android device.

Features of the Total Connect Mobile App

Real-Time Security Event Alerts

Stay Informed of Events at Your NYC Home or Business

Total Connect allows you to know what’s happening, in real-time, with your New York City home or business. The system can easily be customized to send you the alerts and notifications upon specified events that are important to you, such as:


Live Video Feeds for Added Security

Total Connect Allows You to Check in on Your Children, Employees, and Property

Honeywell Total Connect allows you to easily look in on any location from anywhere in the world. Pair that with the ability to get custom video alerts of activity at your NYC home or business and you have total peace of mind when away from home. Total Connect allows you to:

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